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Please copy and paste this objection (below the line) here into your own email and send it from there. DO NOT COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE Please.


Email to:;

To: The Acting Director-General, Department of Communications and Digital Technologies
Minister of Department of Communications and Digital Technologies
For attention: Mr. A Wiltz, Chief Director, Telecommunications and IT Policy Cell: 0837140126 (Mr. L Motlatla)



I hereby object to the above proposed policy based on the following grounds:

  • The erection of cell masts in close proximity to where we live, work and play, violates our Section 24 constitutional right to an environment that is not harmful to our health or well-being because it has been proven by science that the radiation from cell masts is harmful to our health. (See here for scientific reports: With regard to the violation of our Section 24 rights we cite in mitigation the following: There has been no testing done on 5G that can prove that it is not harmful to our health and wellbeing, whereas a great deal of existing scientific evidence shows that even the current generations radiation emissions are proving to be of great harm This is of relevance because 5G technology is a gross intensification of current generation emissions. It will add significantly to the electro-magnetic radiation we already have from mobile phone masts, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, wearable devices, smart meters, and other ‘smart’ devices. (See A 2018 multi-country study published in Environment International measured RF in several countries).
  • Property owners are concerned about this proposed policy downgrading resale value of properties . They are defending their right to privacy, full property ownership and their right to a healthy and safe home environment. See
  • Property owners are concerned and about this policy being used as an excuse to expropriate land without compensation. See
  • The South African Government is attempting to expedite roll out of electronic communications with 5G technology without public consultation or public consent.  Government regards the benefits of increased digital speed and outreach together with the considerable profits to be made by large telecoms companies from this technology, as more important than public health and safety. Please refer to what Robert F Kennedy (Jr) calls: The Global Human Experiment Without Consent.
  • There is a lack of effective policy and risk assessment of rapid deployment of electronic communications networks and 5G by the South African government and corporate telecommunications players. We are therefore calling for the South African Government to adopt the Precautionary Principle and place a moratorium on this proposed roll-out of fifth generation technology in South Africa, until it has been independently tested and proven safe.South Africa adheres to the ICNIRP  guidelines which independent scientific research shows is inadequate and ineffectual; (See A 2020 European Parliament Briefing on the “Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health” reiterates the issues with measurements and also comments on how radiation limits are outdated stating in this summary,  “The EU’s current provisions on exposure to wireless signals, the Council recommendation on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields (0 Hz to 300 GHz), is now 20 years old, and thus does not take the specific technical characteristics of 5G into account” (Karaboytcheva, 2020). ICNIRP relies on the evaluation only of thermal (heating) effects from RF radiation, thereby excluding a large body of published science demonstrating the detrimental effects caused by non-thermal radiation.
  • Because 5G has never been tested and proven safe, the erection of its technology violates twelve international codes and policies twelve international codes and policies  including  The Nuremberg Code (1947)applies to all experiments on humans, thus including the deployment of 5G with new, higher RF radiation exposure that has not been pre-market tested for safety. “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” (art. 1). Exposure to 5G will be involuntary. “No experiment should be conducted, where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur” (art. 5). The findings of over 10,000 scientific studies and the voices of hundreds of international organizations  representing hundreds of thousands of members who have suffered disabling injury and been displaced from their homes by already-existing wireless telecommunications facilities, are “a priori reasons to believe that death or disabling injury will occur”.

We look forward to your prompt response to these legitimate concerns and hereby call for a moratorium on the fast tracking of electronic communication networks and roll-out of 5G until Government has conducted independent (not funded by industry with vested interests) studies to prove its safety).


Signed:  Name


Author: Charmaine

Informpreneur, Activist, Coach, Healer, Teacher, Astrologer, Deep Ecologist.

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