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PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS regarding the latest proposal by Government regarding law on the ‘deployment of communications networks’ in South Africa ON YOUR private Property:

  1.  Please COPY AND PASTE as directed in either the short submission (here) or if you want more info and detail, head over to the more detailed submission letter (here). Copy and paste info into your own email and then either write your own copy or only use some of the context in your own words please.Even if you only write a short paragraph saying: I object to the erection of cell phone masts on my property or anywhere near me because the technology is untested… etc… etc...  (If we all just copy and paste the whole letter, they tend to disregard the submissions and define them as a ‘petition’ which only counts as a single submission).
  2. Please  CHIP IN to our fund raising drive for legal fees to get government to declare a moratorium on 5G please do that and also share as widely as possible. No amount is too small.

Account Name:

Account Name: Stop 5G
Capitec Bank
Account Number: 1586971466
Woodstock Branch number: 470010

or Paypal:

4.Lastly, if you have not already done it, head over to the Dear South Africa site and fill out their questionnaire:

Thank you SO MUCH – now please share this link widely:

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