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A team of South African citizens who haD been working together for the past two years raising awareness about the problems of rolling out untested and probably harmful 5G in South Africa, WERE mounting a formal legal campaign calling for the South African Government to adopt the Precautionary Principle and place a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G in South Africa, until it has been independently tested and proven safe.

The campaign WAS backed by credible international medical research pointing to health and environmental dangers, and aimED to address the lack of effective policy and risk assessment of 5G by the South African government and corporate telecommunications players. This, coupled with the unsafe and inadequate international radiation guidelines set by the ICNIRP which SA adheres to, REMAIN a real cause for concern. We WERE fundraising to help us with this important campaign.

While the legal campaign and the alliance that drove it are no longer active, you are still welcome to support individual activist interventions in South Africa like rallies, awareness raising printing and logistic expenses, protests, etc.  A handful of committed people remain involved in the battle and they are not getting paid. Any money donated will go toward their costs.

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The People in South Africa are becoming increasingly alarmed as they learn of the serious implications of the 5G roll-out: to their own health, the environment and all biological life.

No one wants a mast emitting high levels of radiation outside their home, their child’s school or their place of work. The benefits claimed by the telecoms industry come at a very high price. We think it is too high.

5G radiation will be sent from advanced antennas, in phased arrays, that transmit microwaves in narrow beams, a technology originally developed for military purposes. This will massively increase the exposure to radiation from those beams. Those beams will be nearly everywhere.

The wireless telecoms industry intend to outfit nearly every lamp post or utility post around the country with wireless small cell antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into, our homes, schools, work places and everywhere, 24/7 as well as intensifying  4G throughout the countryside.

Why a legal case?

Our legal case was to have been headed by legal people renowned for upholding human rights, supported by a robust and committed legal team.

We believed that nothing other than a legal challenge will force a government to take notice; this is the only way to ensure the government engages with the issue.

Government and regulatory bodies like ICASA have dismissed multiple warnings from civil society groups citing the results of independent scientists including many Scientific Committees for Health and the evidence of thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers. Instead it adopts outdated opinions and guidelines from unreliable and unaccountable agencies like ICNRP.

Our concerns include the imposition of radiation on the population without consent and the serious matter of privacy, surveillance and social control. We are about to become what Robert F Kennedy (Jr) calls: The Global Human Experiment Without Consent.

Reassurance of safety is currently based on the long obsolete view point that radio frequency (RF) radiation can only cause harm above thermal, tissue heating, levels of exposure. This concept has been invalidated by hundreds of peer-reviewed published scientific papers.

Insurance underwriters such as Lloyds of London and Swiss Re have weighed up the risk; Swiss Re class it as a future ‘high-impact risk.’ In fact, the large telecoms corporations are themselves warning their shareholders (not the public) of the risks of 5G.

In their information to shareholders, telecommunications companies warn about potential loss of share value due to future litigation related to health risks.

Consequence of 5G implementation

Initially used as a military weapon, the consequence of inaction will allow irreparable harm to all life, most particularly the vulnerable among us including unborn, children, the elderly, anyone with underlying health conditions and people with metal implants.

There will be a fundamental difference in our lives and we will lose our privacy as surveillance and social control by industry and governments becomes ubiquitous with tracking and monitoring leading to behaviour modification.

We might ask ourselves whether we wish to have our lives become the property of any corporation for control and profit. Are we to be obedient to the interests of others, with choices reduced and decisions determined by an algorithm?  Or do we value our right to self determination without coercion, and free from harm?

Who are We and Who do we Represent?

We are a team of CONCERNED CITIZENS who have been working together for the past two years to bring attention to the problems of 5G. To date, the Facebook group ( that we have been doing this through, has been primarily an information-sharing platform but due to pressure from our 40,000 members we are now moving forward with a formal campaign.

Our more than 45,000 supporters have called on us to commence legal proceedings to challenge the SA government’s failure to take sufficient notice of clearly identified health and safety risks of wireless radiation and the increased exposure from the deployment of 5G.

The risks are foreseeable and preventable. Current standards are not fit for purpose and obsolete. The case concerns defending our fundamental right to privacy and protection from experimentation.

We are not opposed to technology, we are opposed to untested and potentially dangerous tech. We want safe technology.

In 2019 we were promised full fibre by the government which is less harmful, but this is not being upheld.

New technology requires decision-makers to weigh up probabilities of risk: that process has not occurred with either 4G or 5G.  Wireless radiation is being imposed on the population without consent and also without regard for the loss of our privacy through intrusive population surveillance and increasing social control.

Who we represent

We represent all people in South Africa because we have not been consulted, nor have we consented to the irradiation of our homes, our towns or our rural areas. Our unified purpose is our support for this legal action to force the government to take notice that what is being done is wrong.

We are taking this action on behalf of citizens of South Africa but also the global family. We ask all of the many supporters across the globe to support our case,  it will help all of us.

What should we expect

We all have a right to expect standards from our government that protect our health, our children’s health and our environment. The deployment by telecom companies of 5G is being allowed by government without proper regulation, oversight or monitoring.

What we are Urgently calling for from Government:

  1. To take immediate measures for a moratorium to be placed on the reckless roll-out of 5G  until proven safe. We do NOT consent to being guinea-pigs (test subjects) for your untested 5G equipment;
  2. To conduct some independent, (not funded by Industry or others with vested profit based motives) that will prove that 5G is not harmful; until then,
  3. Apply the Precautionary Principle.
  4. Put Government on notice that by rolling out potentially dangerous technology they are in contravention of not only our constitutional and human rights to a safe environment, but at least 9 international codes and practices.

Resources for further reading

  1. 5G_What-You-Need-to-Know about 5G
    (A Downloadable Brochure)
  2. Physicians for Safe Technology
  3. EH Trust
  4. The Bioinitiave Report
  5. Health
  6. The Science
  7. Scientist Appeal
  8. The Environment
  9. Sample of Letter of Notice

Account Name: Stop 5G
Capitec Bank
Account 1349649943
Branch number: 470010
Reference: Your Name

or Paypal:

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