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What we DO want in SA

What we do want for South Africa

We the undersigned citizens of this county urgently request that you take the following measures to ensure our health and safety with regards to EMF exposure from cell towers, cellphones and the more intense small cell mast infrastructure and of 5G:-

  • That Government apply the precautionary principle with regards to the continued mass rollout of cell masts, as well as 5G cell masts in our country, and that in line with this precautionary principle you do the following:-
  • That Government halts the rollout of 5G which will entail the placement of small cell masts all along residential streets outside houses in South Africa, 300m or so apart! We will be bathed in EMF radiation and we will not be able to opt out of it if it is so prevalent and this is unacceptable;
  • That citizens be informed that 5G will entail the roll out of the above infrastructure as well as the fact that it has not been tested for human safety so that they can decide if they need the infrastructure based on full information rather than the downplaying by government and its agents and the hype of the cellphone industry;
  • That Government apply limits to the levels of radiation that telecoms companies emit into the air in line with countries that apply a conservative approach and not the USA where there is a revolving door between the telecoms industry and the regulatory bodies and the regulations are set to benefit industry rather than US citizens;
  • That Government require that all cellphone companies use fair labelling practices and clear warning labels are placed on cellphones to indicate that headphones should be used instead of directly holding phones to the ear, that phones should not be held close to the body in general and particularly in women’s brassieres, or be put into pockets, and that children under the age of 16 be discouraged from cellphone usage and that schools have lessons to teach about cellphone safety;
  • That mast companies do not install masts taller than 15 metres and that these masts must be placed away from houses, schools and playgrounds;
  • That private individuals not be allowed to put cell masts on their properties;
  • That communities within a 5km radius of a cell mast be properly consulted about whether they feel they need the cell mast infrastructure for better signal. It must be noted that cell mast placement should not be based on companies needs to profiteer but be based on the connectivity needs of the citizens involved, and even in that case they should be placed with safety in mind;
  • There should be a limitation on the number of masts in a given area so that certain areas are not over-saturated with EMF Radiation, and the citizens of these areas not exposed to ever increasing radiation from more cell mast infrastructure than they need in close proximity to them;
  • That a body be established, free of industry help or aid, conflict and bias, to monitor EMF emissions throughout the country, and that spot checks be done and that these results be published on a website for easy access;
  • That a website be established showing the location of all cell masts so that citizens can have ready access to that information should they require it;
  • That a body be established under the Medicines Control Council, with no links to private telecoms companies or their agents, no revolving doors between industry and the regulator, to monitor the health of people living closer to cell masts, and a public report be produced every 5 years about the health effects noted on an ongoing basis. This will have to be a long term undertaking as certain health effects such as cancer develop over a long period of time, very often over decades;
  • That all local and municipal government policies be aligned with these objectives instead of the interests of short-term profiteering
  • Finally we call for the Establishment of a SA National RF-EMF radiation Exposure Protection Standard, Monitoring and Regulations. In South Africa (SA) there is no national radiofrequency electromagnetic fields [RF-EMF] radiation exposure protection standard, statutory monitoring or regulations. Multinational High Court deliberations indicate the need for public interest EMF radiation exposure protection standards in South Africa. Domestic citizens, academics, as well as regulatory and legislative practitioners, are unable to effectively monitor and investigate EMF radiation exposure emissions from infrastructure sources, because industries refuse to provide the required data.Industries have, since 2003, continually obstructed access to the data and the establishment of a national EMF radiation standard, citing that it would be in conflict with their strategic economic interests. The demonstration of a Public Interest Override (PIO) function is legislatively required to gain access to the required data.”

The full model can be seen at the EMFSA website here:

What we do Want Internationally

(a) To take immediate measures to halt the deployment of 5G on Earth and in space in order to protect all humankind, especially the unborn, infants, children, adolescents and pregnant women, as well as the environment;

(b) To follow the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Council of Europe Resolution 1815 by informing citizens, including teachers and physicians, about the health risks (to adults and children) from RF radiation, and why they should and how they can avoid wireless communication and base stations, particularly in or near day-care centres, schools, hospitals, homes and workplaces;

(c) To favour and implement wired telecommunications instead of wireless;

(d) To prohibit the wireless/telecommunications industry through its lobbying organizations from persuading officials to make decisions permitting further expansion of RF radiation, including ground- and space-based 5G;

(e) To appoint immediately—without industry influence—international groups of independent, truly impartial EMF and health scientists with no conflicts of interest, [120] for the purpose of establishing new international safety standards for RF radiation that are not based only on power levels, that consider cumulative exposure, and that protect against all health and environmental effects, not just thermal effects and not just effects on humans;

(f) To appoint immediately—without industry influence—international groups of scientists with expertise in EMFs, health, biology and atmospheric physics, for the purpose of developing a comprehensive regulatory framework that will ensure that the uses of outer space are safe for humans and the environment, taking into account RF radiation, rocket exhaust gases, black soot, and space debris and their impacts on ozone, [121] global warming, [122] the atmosphere and the preservation of life on Earth. Not only ground-based but also space-based technology must be sustainable [123] for adults and children, animals and plants.






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